What is Content Marketing?

When you hear the word content marketing what is the first thought comes to your mind? Marketing of content right!

It is not just about marketing or selling of your content, it includes many more things.

Content marketing is a technique of spreading your valuable, relevant, creative and consistent content to attract your readers.

 So it is not just sharing your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

It is all about sharing the content all over the internet in the different type of medium, marketing or advertising.

Basically, it is all about storytelling. The person has to write stories or to convey the story till he/she in not tired of it.

In this, you have to write valuable and relevant so that people get attracted to your content and eagerly wait for the next content. Make it creative and short.

How to Design Attractive Content

There are different ways of creating content. Some of these are mentioned here. These all will make your content more attractive and relevant to your audience. Before going into the details first we should know the tips and tricks to create good content.

  • Blogs: the Blog post is a place where you can start with your content marketing. You can post your content according to your schedule. People who are not familiar with the concept of SEO can create blogs for content marketing.
  • Videos- Making videos can be a great idea for this marketing. People think that this type of marketing will be costly and hard. But they should know that with the passing time on gadgets are getting cheaper. Even making videos and audios in high quality can be the easier than others content creation methods.
  • Infographics- The word tells the meaning by itself only. It simply means the info with graphics. Use little text and let the graphics tell it a story on its own. Graphic grabs the attention of an audience and makes it more attractive. If you don’t know about graphics then hurry up and study about it. Because it is the most important part of the content.
  • Podcasts- Podcasts means a digital audio file. This helps more in getting audience’s attention and getting a better content. This is an easy form of content marketing and it works extremely well.
  • Templates- This is a great idea to keep your brand in front of your buyers. Make it creative and noticeable. Designs should be made creatively and well printed. Templates can be helpful to you in your business.
  • EBooks- Content of EBook should contain some visual designs and narrative structure. The purpose of EBook is to educate but with conversational language. So that people can understand easily and can take an action on it.
  • Whitepaper and Reports- these are similar to EBook but have less graphical stuff. Basically, these white paper and reports have technical language and are more professional.
  • Slide Decks- slide decks are a great idea to portray your thoughts in an easy way or simple steps. Keep your slide simple, and keep your text in single font throughout the presentation. You can use large images and graphics.

Why Content Marketing

First, you should know that why it is important to your business.

  • Awareness- nowadays awareness is more important than a need of a product.
  • Research- after knowing that there is a solution, everyone will execute research to educate themselves. For example- if you went to buy a television then you will defiantly search for different televisions too, to know which will fit your needs.
  • Consideration- at these point consumers will compare the product with different companies to make sure that they are getting the best product at correct range.
  • Buy- after this the buyer will finally buy the product and move forward.

Content Marketing Using Social Media

You can share your content on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. So social media is the main scours for content marketing.

  • Facebook– is the largest growing social media around the world. According to the survey, Facebook is more likely to be used by older adult people, after them college or school students are more in touch with Facebook. Read our complete guide on Facebook for business and marketing.
  • Twitter– on Twitter around 78% of the traffic is available. According to the study, Indian students prefer Twitter more than other country students. So Twitter can be a great source to distribute your content for promotion and marketing of your product.


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Content Marking and SEO

When you start with this kind of marketing you make an effort to publish your content on social media, same as that try to connect to search engine. Making up with SEO will connect you to Google and will help your website to get a higher rank.

  • Keywords– use keywords because they are the most important part of the content. Find some keywords, use synonyms, and use some few related keywords in your content. Make sure not to over-do it. The search engine is checking those contents which are overstuffed with different keywords. Write for your reader and definitely use those important words.
  • Media- use some interesting images and videos in your blog post and landing page. That will grab your reader’s interest and will improve standing with Google.
  • Earn quality links- when starting with this you have to make sure that you are not getting the link from local sites, that may hurt your site. Make the relationship with professional who will share your content, and link to their main resources. Link from such companies will boost you up.
  • Strategy- when you start with content marketing then makes sure to provide information and answer that your readers are looking for. Put your best in that content, so that your audience will attract to that. You create content for your audience. But the search engine is equally important. So write content keeping SEO in mind.

Content Marketing and Email Marketing

Email marketing is getting popularity in the field of marketing. It is the best way of getting traffic on your content. You can use email marketing for your site to get higher rank in Google search. Email marketing can be used for sharing and marketing of your content. It will defiantly make your audience to look at your content at least for once.

  • Surety:  it will give you a surety that your content is delivered to your audience. Send an email at the working hours, so that they can notice your email. And open to see what that is about.
  • Easy to Create: basically you don’t have to do lots of effort in creating or sending an email. You just have to give an awesome subject line and a bit attractive content. At last, you have to give the link to your content or site.


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