Salvia roots tea


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Chinese sage or salvia root


TCM doctors useroot to invigorate and move the blood.  In animal experiments it has been shown to increase coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure slightly, improve microcirculation, and mitigate injury and accelerate recovery from ischemic attack (stroke).  It has anti-arteriosclerotic properties. Human experiments illustrate numerous circulation benefits, including dilation of the coronary arteries and increased capillary action.  Because it has a strong cooling action, salvia has a distinct advantage in certain medical conditions over warming herbs such as prickly ash bark.  It is especially useful in coronary artery disease, where there is almost always a combination of inflammation and blockage.  It is the most commonly used “moving blood” herb in our clinic.  Is used frequently to treat various cardiovascular problems. Recent research is suggesting it contains compounds tha may have benefit in preventing or treating Alzheimers disease.

SAFETY ISSUES: Should not be used while taking anticoagulant medications such as Wayfarin unless under the direction of a qualified health care practitioner. In very rare cases Salvia may thin the blood too much and cause increased bruising, in which case the dosage should be lowered or stopped.

• Crude herb: three to 15 grams per day
• Concentrated 4:1 dried decoction: one to four grams per day.

Health benefits: good for chest pain (angina), bronchitis, high cholesterol, menstrual problems, abdominal masses, insomnia, acne, hepatitis.

Taste: bitter – Nature:  little cold.

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