Infused spirit

Drinking herbal spirit is very popular in Vietnam. The herbal spirit in Vietnam consist of infuse some medicinal herbs in a jar with some rice wine. We call it wine because that’s the way the say in Vietnam, but in fact the rice wine used  is almost 50% of alcohol, so it’s more like a spirit (liqueur) than a wine in english language, but Vietnamese language don’t have this specific word. We only have two words for alcohol: bia (beer) and ruou (wine).

To make the herbal spirit we infuse different medicinal herbs, leaves, roots, mushrooms, woods, flower, fruits in a jar with some rice wine on the top and wait only a week or so for the fruit and between 1 month to 1 year to extract all the medicinal properties. You you must be patient to drink it. More you wait more the propriety will be effective. Almost each family have their own herbal spirit with their specific infusion recipe. Always to keep the men healthy.  Sometime animal as snake, gecko or seahorse are added into the spirit for their medicinal propriety, but nowadays is became illegal to do it. Each herbal spirit you will find in this museum have their own health benefit list to help you to choose which one is the best for you. Usually people mix plant together to make it more efficient. We already have a selection of pre-blend spirit, but you also can choose yourself from the single plant and mix it yourself at home.